This Gutenberg Thing


Now we are in the brave new of Gutenberg and it seems that all is well . In the lead up to this I have been testing Gutenberg via a developers plugin. My biggest challenge has been understanding why the change was required.  I found a great explanation from a YouTuber called look at the video and it becomes clearer. In essence Gutenberg is designed in a way to ensures that editing looks like the final post. Additionally the blocks that are fundamental in Gutenberg can be dragged around and repostioned.

Like many innovations I think that Gutenberg wasn’t explained  sufficiently simply the  causing some users to panic. Other than the obvious visual difference Gutenberg works well. There are many of the block formats that I have yet to delve into but this will come.  

WordPress tutorial

I have been using WordPress since about version 1.5 for the most part I am self-taught. I manage this and 2 other blogs. Two are self hosted and one is a blog. This has come about as I read early on in the piece that a blog needs a focus. This one is primarily about what I read and some occasional holiday photos.

The other self hosted blog  has a focus on my woodworking hobby and renovation projects. The third is an occasional rant blog

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Lost posts

I’m trying to post across three devices using the WordPress app on android. I had been writing post off-line on a recent holiday but the drafts are no more. I can redo but that’s not the point.ANDROID

This then becomes test post. I had only written two posts so no big deal. I did discover that it’s not possible to attach images whilst offline. Now the app can’t access images on the device a bit useless really. Arrgh!

Completing this on a PC after logging in to the dashboard. I wasn’t able to upload any images from the Android App.




Skew Chisel part 2

I really enjoyed part 1 of Brendan Stemps foray into the dark world of the skew chisel. I have posted a link to that session in another post on this site. In part 2 he really does show what can go wrong in a spectacular fashion.This session is very informative and he has promised an episode 3 in the future. The a link to the video posted on you tube is below.

P.S This is the first post that I have done using the new embed feature in WordPress 3.6. Seems to work


A dog video test

Here is another test. This time the dog with its BFF. Imagine taking a dog for play dates OMG.

I like to post

Another version of the WordPress app for iOS. Gets better I guess. I only really try it when there is an update. Should try it when I’m out and about (that last bit begs a Canadian accent.
I will have to add a photo as well to see if that works.


The Cat and Post Formats

The Not so amused cat (below) pretending to help me with the post formatting feature in WordPress.  I not sure what this offers but after reading a post in an  article I thought that it was worth a look. Still not sure what it does. I reverted to the default format and still nothing. I mean that the preview didn’t change at all. Here it is in all its image format glory.

I have read a few posts on WordPress sites that say or think that this is a good thing I am still not convinced.

The cat is reserving his opinion.

The Not So Amused cat
The Not So Amused cat

Blogging Along

I have just spent some time tidying up categories and tags on the site. The site was first started in January 2008, I know this as I left the first post that WordPress created on installation. That was like cleaning up and finding something that you have bought and forgotten about.

I have to confess that I have found the ideas that lurk behind tags and categories. I am slowly getting to grips with it. This post was prompted by an article on called “How to Merge and Bulk Edit Categories and Tags in WordPress”Continue reading “Blogging Along”

Some unexpected site changes

WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

I hadn’t intended to change the site theme but I had no choice. The previous theme is incompatible with the new version of WordPress 3.5. I was unable to add media and some other functions were also disabled  A search of the WordPress forums suggested turning off all the plugins etc but this didn’t help either.

One post suggested trying one  of the default themes. I opted for 2011. Problem solved.  Added some custom headers and the usual gang of plugins and voila I’m back in business..

I love the Jetpack gallery plugin and I have now added another page called Photos. now for shortcodes…….