Dearly Devoted Dexter

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My holiday readathon continues Dearly Devoted Dexter .
This is the second Dexter novel and the fork in the road beween this book and the TV series continues to widen. There are by the conclusion of this volume big differences in the plot lines and characters.  Where the TV series has Dexter in a continuos dialogue with his dead step father the book has the dialogue  with his “Dark Passenger”. It is more like a driving for than an alter ego. That doesn’t mean that Dexter is not abiding by the Harry’s code;which sets him apart from other serial killers.
This volume has him more tied up with a threat that is affecting members of his own team rather than his raison detre.  There is also the emerging relationship with his girlfriends children.
I must admit to being a fan of the TV series but the books so far have been equally satisfying. Its almost like a story with a different ending which of course it is.
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