Dexter in The Dark

Dexter in the Dark
Dexter in the Dark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The third in the Dexter series. In this Dexter in the Dark our hero loses his mojo. The story has something of a supernatural undertone that implies that makes Dexter the way he is. Dexter struggles as his Dark Passenger abandons which he finds confusing and bewildering. The story line here is not as convincing as the previous two books. The first person commentary and humour are as sharp as  ever.

He continues his involvement and mentoring of Rita’s children with some interesting exchanges. Dexter is grappling with wedding plans as the great evil is unfolding around him but as always our hero triumphs. The conclusion is a little chilling and would be spoilt if I mentioned it here. This novel certainly leaves the TV series on a different path.

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