Echo Smartpen

This is an attempt to write a blog post from a Livescribe pen. I have been told that I will spend some time editing and fiddling with the converted text. This also brings to mind the software package that connects everything.

        The pen comes with its own desktop software which controls the pen, syncs data and provides software updates. There are also so called pencasts which allow a combination of sound and pictures from the written pages. if this is all a bit expansive this is a test. A second program called MyScripts converts the PDF of the written page to text. The claim is that it can cope with legible handwriting both printing. and cursive writing. My handwriting is a hybrid of both printing and cursive so we will see.

        I am not doing an audio test this; I will leave that for another time. As an added degree as difficulty I  printed workbook. Note books are available for purchase, but if you have a postscript capable, colour, laser printer which exceeds 600 dpi it’s possible to print them from this software. The pen has to be plugged during printing. I suspect that this has to do with pen recognising the notebook.

        Anyway I have been writing for about eight minutes so we will see what is what then.

I have spent about 15 minutes editing the couple of hundred words and some of the word recognition was just gibberish. I have also attached the hand writing page and the conversion.

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