Masaryk Station (John Russell, #6)

Masaryk Station (John Russell, #6)Masaryk Station by David Downing

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This is sadly the last in the John Russell Effi Koenen series. I have read then all in order. In fact Zoo Station the first in this series got me started on WW 2 based fiction.
I didn’t realise that it was the end until I read the authors wrap up on the last page. I had felt the story was losing direction a few times. However true to form it ties together in the last few pages. Jon Russell and Effi have over the series survived the Nazis, the Americans and the Soviets. Downing does touch on what must be one of the many great tragedies of the Europe in the twentieth century. Eastern Europe having survived the Nazis was overrun by communism.
As always John Russell is busy playing off both sides. But what is different in Masaryk Station is that he is trying to deal himself, Effi and their adopted daughter out of the game.
It’s a bit like leaving old friends at the train station as you head off. Looking forward to the Jack of Spies perhaps the beginning of a new series of adventures with David Downing.

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