My trouble in the world of WordPress


I have been a little frustrated with WordPress of late ,three issues have been bugging me. Updating only has only been possible after disabling plugins as a message appears about memory allocation. I followed advice from the WordPress forums and edited files increasing the memory allocation but only with partial success. I must confess that my knowledge of what is “under the hood” is limited. Regardless I have tried to find a solution.

The next hiccup was the WordPress iOS application this stopped working. More cryptic error messages and I gave up. My hope lay in the new release of the App, which sadly didn’t happen. The problem here was even more of a mystery than the previous problem.

The last issue was a plugin called WPtouch Pro, the folks at Bravenewcode couldn’t figure it out. This was another case of a memory allocation error!

I continued off and on trying to find an answer, this was ultimately found in the WordPress forums.  After all theses months the answer lay on the web hosting service. I contacted them and had the amount of memory allocated to PHP increased. Voila WordPress iOS works on my iPhone and an iPad. moe importantly the plugin WPTouch also works! My faith restored.

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