The Cat and Post Formats

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The Not so amused cat (below) pretending to help me with the post formatting feature in WordPress.  I not sure what this offers but after reading a post in an  article I thought that it was worth a look. Still not sure what it does. I reverted to the default format and still nothing. I mean that the preview didn’t change at all. Here it is in all its image format glory.

I have read a few posts on WordPress sites that say or think that this is a good thing I am still not convinced.

The cat is reserving his opinion.

The Not So Amused cat
The Not So Amused cat

Blogging Along

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I have just spent some time tidying up categories and tags on the site. The site was first started in January 2008, I know this as I left the first post that WordPress created on installation. That was like cleaning up and finding something that you have bought and forgotten about.

I have to confess that I have found the ideas that lurk behind tags and categories. I am slowly getting to grips with it. This post was prompted by an article on called “How to Merge and Bulk Edit Categories and Tags in WordPress”Continue reading “Blogging Along”

Some unexpected site changes

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WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

I hadn’t intended to change the site theme but I had no choice. The previous theme is incompatible with the new version of WordPress 3.5. I was unable to add media and some other functions were also disabled  A search of the WordPress forums suggested turning off all the plugins etc but this didn’t help either.

One post suggested trying one  of the default themes. I opted for 2011. Problem solved.  Added some custom headers and the usual gang of plugins and voila I’m back in business..

I love the Jetpack gallery plugin and I have now added another page called Photos. now for shortcodes…….

Another update for the iOS app

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Well another minor update for the iOS app. Since I resolved my hosting issues this is all going well. Smooth as silk in fact.

IOS (Apple).With the new version 5 of the Facebook app for iOS also popping up today it a big day for favorite apps. The Facebook app is much slicker and faster. Really about time as the old version was getting quite sluggish.
More amazingly I updated a WordPress plugin,Jetpack, right here from my iPhone. Pretty good I think.

All for now!

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Messing with Windows Live Writer

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I can’t help but mess with new things on computers and the web. I don’t try everything and there are some things that leave me cold. This is being written on a laptop running Windows 8, also the preview version of Office 2013, cant believe that they left the thirteen in the name. I thought that all Americans were superstitious! All this and I have just downloaded Windows Live essentials for even more excitement.

I have to say that it looks great and was a breeze to connect to my self hosted blog that almost nobody reads. The writing environment has the same look as the blog. During the set up Live Writer downloaded the theme details or that how I understand it. The spell check works well I imagine that it taps in to the dictionaries that are on the system. It wouldn’t be a blog post without a photo so I have included one! I was able to crop and fiddle with the photo from within Live Writer so that was good.  I even managed a little tilt! Certainly easier than from within the WordPress dashboard.

I do like it not sure if I will abandon using the dashboard though. Seeing the post as it will look while typing is great. There is also a preview tab that gives you the writer a view of the final post. At the very least a bit of fun.


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My trouble in the world of WordPress

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I have been a little frustrated with WordPress of late ,three issues have been bugging me. Updating only has only been possible after disabling plugins as a message appears about memory allocation. I followed advice from the WordPress forums and edited files increasing the memory allocation but only with partial success. I must confess that my knowledge of what is “under the hood” is limited. Regardless I have tried to find a solution.

The next hiccup was the WordPress iOS application this stopped working. More cryptic error messages and I gave up. My hope lay in the new release of the App, which sadly didn’t happen. The problem here was even more of a mystery than the previous problem.

The last issue was a plugin called WPtouch Pro, the folks at Bravenewcode couldn’t figure it out. This was another case of a memory allocation error!

I continued off and on trying to find an answer, this was ultimately found in the WordPress forums.  After all theses months the answer lay on the web hosting service. I contacted them and had the amount of memory allocated to PHP increased. Voila WordPress iOS works on my iPhone and an iPad. moe importantly the plugin WPTouch also works! My faith restored.

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Technology Overload

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WordPress has just hit version 3.4 it’s called Green. It is named after a jazz guitarist. The site does seem to load faster which is one of the many documented improvements.

I was hoping that this update would fix the issues that I am having with the WordPress iOS application. Still have memory problems when I upgrade. I resolve this by disabling plugins during the upgrade process. The positive side of this is that I am using less plugins.

Still really like WordPress but the little things often make the ride less pleasant.

Fatal Memory

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Having problems with a “fatal memory allocation” error. Haven’t been able to access the blog for several weeks. The culprit seems to be a plugin called WPTouch. This hasn’t been a problem up to now with this plugin. Although the error has occurred before when upgrading WordPress.

There doesn’t seem to bea definitive answer to the problem

The logo of the blogging software WordPress. D...
The logo of the blogging software WordPress. Deutsch: WordPress Logo ??: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

although PHP and or the hosting service usually get the blame.

I tried to upload the post from iPhone but this failed as well.  So a cut and paste, an  email and another cut paste and here we are.

Another frustration maybe I can get back to my usual run of posts.

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A View from office in 2009

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Here is view out my office window taken with an iPhone and posted via an iPhone. Typing is tricky with the virtual keyboard, but manageable. I wrote this about two years ago and only found the draft on my phone today. This must have been originally done on version 1 of the WordPress iPhone App. It had been stored as a draft page for my blog that’s why it never got posted. In a post yesterday I noted how much the App has improved over time so  the opening couple of sentences reflect an older clunkier version.  I was also just coming to grips with my first iPhone a 3GS.

Window View
Looking into the courtyard