Windows 8 and apps

Yet another way to blog! Windows 8 brings a new range of Apps. So here we are inside the WordPress Win 8 App. The app is very plain but clear not trying to look like something from the real world. No skeumorphics here. I cant see anywhere to add tags and categories which I use to organise the blog. I have posted now from more gadgets and platforms than I can remember. The only platform that I haven’t tried is android but I am thinking about a Nexus 7 tablet so that may happen. I am waiting for the 3G version to be released downunder.

I have added a `photo but I cant see it in this App, much less do any editing. This may be something for a future release. I cant help comparing the App to the Apple one. Its clearly not as well developed and I think a bit basic. Never the less another environment to play in.

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