A Gavel of an idea

Turned a gavel the other for no other reason that I thought it might be a good idea. I saw a mallet in a recent woodworking magazine so this became my inspiration. I had started the session by turning a handle for an old hammer. This was done off centre and got me thinking about the gavel.

No plans just in at the deep end. I cut the blank from some scrap of red gum that I had bought from the local garden centre. Its amazing  what can be made from firewood! I roughly cut the head of the gavel to  size and drilled a 20 mm hole with a forstner bit. discovered later that I should have squared up the blank as the hole wasn’t perpendicular.

I wasn’t too fussed with the finishing of the head and the beads are not the same either end. I suppose it makes it easier to see which way is which. The handle was also inspired in the moment. I took the looks right and shaped it by sight. The narrowest part of  the handle is the same size as the tenon that is inserted in to the head. My only real design consideration!

The cup or base was turned  and shaped with a bowl gouge. I finished it with a newly acquired Robert Sorby RoundSide Cut Scraper H24H. This profile is favourite of mine useful and easy to sharpen.

My wife has taken the gavel to school to keep order in the classroom.

Finished Gavel


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