Jetpack for WordPress

Well I have been playing with another plugin for the blog this one written by Automatic the people behind WordPress. It add a range of features to a self hosted WordPress blog that are usually found on the hosted blogs. It does require the you link to a account but this doesnt seen to hurt, apparently we leave our digital footorints all over the web anyway so another isnt going to matter.

The feature that I really liked and wanted was a share button at he end of post and now I have it. It is easy to set up if you read the instructions which I didn’t on the first round.  It seems to work a treat now all I have to do is wait for the comments and recomendations to roll in!

Jetpack also adds site statistics to the blog,which be nice when I get lots of traffic. I now have a widget which pops in my last five tweets from Twitter thanks to this plugin. I also have a gravtar thingy that I set up. There are also a few other things like an intelligent spell chack and a markup language. The best bit is  that all of this is free

Thanks to WordPress and Automatic for this useful plugin.

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