Woodturning Continued……

Now at week four of the course, I missed an entry for week three. So far I have turned beads and coves and made a random chair leg. I have surprised myself with the speed that I have taken this on. I am now in the middle of making a three-legged stool, turning the legs and seat (see image below). This has introduced some new skills to the world of turning wood. Notably I have sanded and polished the bits and pieces. This has also inspired me to actually make something from a small tree that I cut down some months ago. Now if I could actually figure out how to load pictures. I seem to be having a brain freeze on this subject today.I have moved the photos to Flickr but that didn’t work so I edited the photos and made them smaller. This seems to be something of a bugbear this evening the whole uploading a photo thing.

Legs and Seat

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